Acroprint Time Q Attendance Software

This software from Acroprint is priced around $100. This is perfect for smaller businesses that have up to fifty employees and is designed with an automated and flexible PC based program that will create badges, timecards, and terminals unnecessary. Learn about the different features that makes this particular software so useful.

  • The comprehensive administrative function will give you an in and out board along with regular, level one overtime, level two overtime, personal, vacation, benefit, and holiday hour reports.
  • Every report is able to be set up according to the pay or work period of the business. This may be weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay periods. If your business has several departments than it will help to keep track of each one and break them down into the necessary hourly times. It also has a third party payroll and is compatible with QuickBooks.
  • The installation is easy and simple as long as you follow the step by step directions that it provides. Programming it to your PC takes a matter of minutes.
  • It will allow you to use magnetic encoded employee badges that are the size of a credit card. This makes it easy for people to clock in and out and to keep track of their personal badge.
  • The display screen will show the name of the employee, how many hours they have worked that day, and the amount of hours they have worked during the current pay period.
  • The data program can only be changed by a someone who has a supervisor employee badge. This makes it safe from anyone who would try to alter their hours.
  • The program will come with fifty encoded badges, forty pocket badge racks, and a printer cable. The cable can connect it to both serial and parallel printers.