Attendance Rx Time Software

Attendance Rx software is priced around $100. It was made to work with QuickBooks or other third party providers. Employees will use the computer that has installed this software to clock in and out. It can handle as many as one hundred employees at a time. With this you no longer have to purchase expensive machines that are hard to use.

  • It is designed to report regular hours, vacation, sick, personal, holidays, and the other different types of time off that people receive throughout the year. It will keep track of who has clocked in with the in and out board and will print out time cards for those who need them.
  • Use the software to report regular hours, two levels of overtime, vacation, sick, personal, and holiday time off.
  • Print out time card reports that will give you a detailed summary of the hours that every employee has worked over the pay period you have searched for.
  • Call the toll free number if you are having any problems and their technicians will step you through the repair process.
  • Unlike most software this does not require the use of time cards or badges. No one has to keep track of anything and risk losing it and paying for a new one. Every employee will clock in using an ID number or through their name.
  • This software can be updated for new features and to keep up with the current system being released. You will even be given the option to update the software if you receive an influx of employees.
  • It is compatible with a PC or any Windows operating system – which is the common operating system for business computers.