Fanurio Attendance Software

Fanurio is a type of time and attendance software that is used mainly be freelancers. This is a manual timer that will function on an hourly basis as a way for freelancers to be able to time themselves accurately. It works something like a stop watch and is a great way to prove to their clients how long it took for them to finish a specific project.

This software is able to be used with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It will cost around $60 to use. If you are not sure whether it will work for your business than you can try out their 30 day free trial version.


Fanurio works as a tracking and billing software program to provide freelancers with an easy to use interface, flexible timer, and the ability to put together a detailed invoice for each client. You will have the ability to use multiple currencies with a layout that you want and that makes sense.

Tracking time through this software is easy to do. You will have the option of using the timer provided or doing it manually. You will also have the option of setting a reminder for yourself on when to start or stop the project during certain times of the day.

Standard Timer

The standard timer is a great way to know when you started or finished your project without having to constantly check the clock. You can access it from the toolbar, in the menu, or create a mini timer that you can keep an eye on while you work.

Smart Timer

The smart timer will set a few reminders for your throughout the day if necessary. It is also equipped with an idle time detection to keep you on track and less distracted. With this you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do something or trying to control the timer.

Manual Timer

The manual timer is used by those of us who are not always in front of a computer. This is easy to use and allows us to input a certain date and time period in which we worked. At the end of the day we will put the information into the computer and it will remember it for us and add everything up at the end of the project.