How To Use The Software

Time and attendance software is one of the best and most effective ways to keep track of who is working, when they get in, and if they are giving themselves overtime when it is not necessary. When using the right software it will also give you the ability to keep track of the number of sick days and vacation days that people are using.

Without this program you run the risk of losing out on money because you are do not have a more efficient way to keep track of it all. It prevents you from having to manually enter any payroll info and risk making a serious mistake. The problem you now have to overcome is learning how to use the software.

  • The first thing you need to do is to choose the software that has the right features for your business. Most of the basic ones will provide you with the ability to schedule days off and nothing more. The more expensive and complex software will allow you to calculate overtime and payroll immediately. Whatever you decide on make sure that it will work with the computer that you have.
  • After you have downloaded and installed the right time and attendance software you will be ready to enter in the company policies of the attendance and overtime rules. This should include the number of vacation days that every employee is allowed in a year, how much they have worked, what sick leave they get and take, and any overtime hours they have worked. In many cases this should include holidays that people can look forward to getting off and if it is paid or not.
  • You will need to manual enter the information necessary for every employee that you have. This should include all the days that they have taken off and what they were for. Make sure to enter the department their time must be charged to. This is the worst and most time consuming part but when you are finished it will be worth it.
  • Anytime an employee takes time off you must use the software to see how many days they have available. Then you will need to enter in the system when they will be leaving and when they will get back. This will allow you to schedule someone in their place if needed.