Replicon Attendance Software

Replicon time and attendance software is one of the few programs that is used in North America, Europe, and Australia. This is designed to track the hours that each employee works to provide accurate payroll and scheduling for everyone in the company. There are a number of benefits and features that this specific program can bring to your company.


  • Time scheduling for accurate paychecks
  • Real time reports that state what each person is working on
  • Scheduling for time off
  • Free time reports
  • Tracks the time spent on a specific project
  • Tracks the cost and hours it takes to complete a specific project


The Replicon attendance software has more than 1.2 million clients all around the world. The software is priced differently depending on what type you purchase. You can test out the system by taking advantage of their 30 day free trial.

Unlike most companies they provide people with two different types of programs; time and attendance edition and the project and billing edition. These can be used separately or together and work to improve productivity and the amount of money that is spent to complete a project and help the business to run seamlessly. Many large companies like AT&T, Amazon, and Ferrari use these programs to improve their job efficiency.

Project And Billing Edition

The project and billing edition is used to track the time that is spent working on a single project and with clients. With it you can track the amount of time spent and compare it to the amount of money that you are making and spending on it. It can also be used to put together reminders for meetings and the deadline of a project. Each report comes standard and can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Time And Attendance Edition

The timesheets in this software are easy to use and help to provide accurate paychecks for every employee. You can use it to configure the time off that is distributed to everyone, overtime policies, and to remind people of the rules of the business. Set up reports that can be tracked easily and configured when necessary.