Web Based Attendance Software

Using the right time and attendance software is key to any good business. You need something that is easy for everyone to use and that allows them to record the days that they work without any hassles. But what if your system could do more? Most programs can be limited to one or two computers. You could save money and improve your business with a web based attendance software.

This type of software will allow every employee to automatically update and track the amount of hours that they have worked. The software is accessed through any computer, day or night, by typing in a login and password. All they have to do is have a computer and Internet access.

The employee will log into the system using the personalized password and pin or username that they have been assigned to. They will than clock in and out. The program works quickly and allows employers to track the amount of times everyone has been late to work or who has forgotten to sign in. They can do this at the office or in the comfort of their home.

A web based software is especially useful for smaller corporations. The owner and CEO does not always have the time to come into work every day. They have to go to business meetings or on business trips. With this software they can keep track of payroll and the attendance of their employees hundreds of miles away.

If you purchase this software make sure that you put up the necessary safeguards to keep employees from accessing the system outside of work. It is possible for someone to break into the system and alter their attendance to their favor or mess with someone else’s.